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Stephan Koziols Favorites

In this category, we present products that are especially near and dear to Stephan Koziol and explain their origins with a bit more background information. This time: Our PASCAL Collection and OASE.

PASCAL Collection

Once upon a time, there came the idea to create a storage- and to-go container, one that would become a life-long companion, a nomadic product, a charming keep-sake holder and sorting box, and all things considered, still be optimally functional, easy to clean, as well as haptically and optically top-notch. Nothing on the market resembled these demands, so the briefing was made, and a budding young Designer (MA), Pascal Wohlfahrt, was employed to work alongside the Koziol Werksteam to develop such a product.
After making hundreds of models, drawings, examples, comparisons, and alternatives, an icon of a box was created. This box combines the elegant form of a strongbox with the narrative belt of historical luggage bags. The result: a unique design, convictive in its functionality and stability. Now, the questions arose, in which sizes, what surface-optic, and with which details to outfit the product. We decided on three sizes that, functioning as a system, can be stacked into one another. The closing latch of each box is simple, sturdy, and easy to understand. The surface-texture is a combination of matte and shiny, while the corners are intended for stacking. This box is the epitome of the principle form follows function. The product is pleasant to the touch, is tasteful and substantial, is audibly sturdy, and is the archetype of what we set out to create. The box comes into use as a bread box, storage box, collector’s box, as a to-go box for school, work, and for trips on long car rides, while continuously being revived through new colors and new prints. The last undertaking was finding the box a name and seeing as the designer Pascal Wohlfahrt was key to its creation, we decided on his first name. The PASCAL boxes are a great example of optimal use for plastic and Koziol’s motto: „good design with a clear conscience.”


PASCAL L Lunchbox mit Trennsteg

ab 13,95 €

PASCAL S Lunchbox

ab 4,95 €

PASCAL L Lunchbox

10,95 €
Rezept Tomatensoße
Napoli Spaghettibesteck

A challenge arose for the Koziol Werksteam to create a drinking bottle superior in functionality to anything already available on the market. Most bottles have the problem, that the individual components cannot be properly cleaned. We decided to create a bottle consisting of only three components, all able to be taken apart, without any rubber-sealing rings, which often house mold behind them, and of course could be placed in the dishwasher. The concave form of the bottle enables it to lie comfortably in the hand, while the many color combinations enable customization. The best parts of the product are the ease of use, the durability, its light weight, and its elegance. The material used, Koziol ORGANIC, is without any taste, without softeners, and, contrary to its metallic counterparts, perfectly suitable for acidic beverages (Lemon).
Recently, we renewed our bottle with a bracket closure, giving it a nice combination of historic clip lock bottles and the modern use of new material functions and design. Bonus advantage: there is only an open and a closed, no in-between. OASE is the ideal bottle for children and teens, who might forget about their orange juice therein for a week or two, and is still easily cleaned thereafter – in comparison to most other bottles that don’t allow for similar ease of use.

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