Replacement parts
We want you to enjoy our products for as long as possible, which is why replacement parts are available. The parts are listed in our online shop under Accessories.

Heat-resistant material
All koziol kitchen products designed to come into contact with hot pots and pans are made from special, heat-resistant plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 130° Celsius. Products include our spatula TURNER, stirring spoon OLIVER, and all kitchen utensils of the KANT series. These items are both extremely functional as well as durable. To be able to enjoy them for even longer, we recommend you do not leave these products resting in the pot or frying pan for longer periods while you’re cooking.

Suitable for microwave use?
Most koziol items can be used without problems up to a food temperature of 85°C. Higher temperatures should not be used in the microwave – exceptions will be mentioned separately in the individual product information.

Why won’t the suction cup work?
Many of our bathroom products can be attached with suction cups, which won’t damage walls and surfaces.
It’s useful to remember, however, that the suction cups stay put by a physical process, namely a vacuum that is created by pushing them onto the surface. This only works on perfectly smooth, flat surfaces like windows, mirrors or high-gloss tiles that allow the rim of the suction cup to lie flat. Unfortunately, no other surfaces work. It’s a scientific fact.
That’s why suction cups won’t work on porous or textured tiles.
Should the suction cup be slightly bent out of shape, simply submerge it in warm water (60° Celsius) for a while. The heat should cause the cup to return to its normal shape.
We recommend you clean the tiles with a standard glass cleaner before attaching the suction cups to ensure that the surfaces are completely dust-free and grease-free. During use, remove the suction cups every so often and clean them with washing-up liquid and warm water.

How to clean koziol products in the dishwasher
koziol products are usually dishwasher-safe... but to make sure that everything comes out of the machine looking just like new, here are a few additional tips:
1.    Where size permits, please wash products in the top rack. This reduces any risk of warping.
2.    Give products ample space inside the dishwasher. Do not squeeze them into tight spaces. Products may occasionally warp during washing, but they will usually return to their original shape after the next wash – because plastic has a built-in "memory.
3.    Foods that have an intensive color – such as tomatoes, carrots, eggs, spinach, blueberries and beetroot – may contain carotene or other natural pigments. These natural dyes may color the water in the dishwasher and cause a slight discoloration of the products, even if these foods were not actually inside the koziol product. Such changes of coloring will not affect the usability of the product in any way. They will disappear over time as the product is exposed to light. To avoid contamination or discoloration, we recommend rinsing all dishes with clear water to remove any remaining food before putting them in the dishwasher.
4.    Please use standard dishwashing detergent or tabs, plus the amount of salt corresponding to your local water supply and a suitable rinse aid – or a comparable 3-in-1 product. Avoid using dishwasher deodorizers or odor neutralizers as these may cause discoloration.
5.    Always carefully observe the care instructions provided for your dishwasher.
6.    As a final rule of thumb: please note that opaque products are less affected by dishwashing than transparent items.

How to clean the koziol superglas products?